2017 Client Round Up

January 2, 2018 by Sam Slater


From CampusBird Blog

In 2017,CampusBird welcomed many new clients to the platform from independent to large public schools. University of Colorado - Boulder, Berkshire School, and University of Redlands have all launched the CampusBird platform in new and engaging ways. Here are some highlights:

University of Colorado - Boulder

A hometown client for CampusBird, University of Colorado - Boulder, is a major public university with almost 33,000 students. Utilizing the CampusBird platform, University of Colorado - Boulder shows off their campus with virtual tours, wayfinding and ADA accessibility. The interactive map utilizes the customizable category feature to highlight the bountiful amount of outdoor recreation that surrounds the campus. In the map image, 3D renderings of the buildings show off the stunning architecture of University of Colorado - Boulder. University of Colorado - Boulder even added a custom map URL builder. This allows users to create unique map views and easily share with others.

Berkshire School

Berkshire School is a co-ed boarding and day school for students in grades 9-12 located in Massachusetts. Set in the backdrop of the beautiful Mt. Everett, Berkshire school utilizes the CampusBird map for  building names, historical information, parking and athletic facilities. The 3D rendered map really shows off the sustainability commitment of Berkshire School. Their efforts include a fully rendered 8-acre solar farm.

University of Redlands

The University of Redlands includes six campuses that are all easily accessible via the CampusBird map. The CampusBird map allows users to easily navigate the campus in a detailed format. Greek housing, outdoors areas, and performing art venues are all highlighted with detailed information including directions to and from the location. 3D renderings of the campus also highlight the charming campus buildings and outdoors areas but also the statues of campus including the Deacon Bulldog statue.

Topics: Accessibility, Berkshire School, University of Colorado - Boulder, University of Redlands, Sustainability

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