ASU Wins Best Game-Day Technology Experiences Award

August 14, 2017 by Sam Slater


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ASU’s Integration of CampusBird's Live Parking Data Feed is the Game-Day Technology that Helps Fans Get to Sun Devil Stadium with Ease and Mobile Access

Finding parking for any football game can be a challenge. But Arizona State University is using CampusBird to profile real-time parking lot occupancy information, helping football fans get to the game as well as to learn about other game-day events. ASU fans can use their mobile device to access the University’s CampusBird map to easily see color-coded lots that are full, filling up or have plenty of spaces.

ASU - Best Game-Day Technology Experiences Award Winner

Arizona State University’s implementation of CampusBird’s integrated real-time parking lot data did not go unnoticed. The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) recognized the university as the recipient for their inaugural Best Game-Day Technology Experiences award.

In ASU’s blog about the award, NACDA stated: "For the 2016-17 Sun Devil Football season, Arizona State University (ASU) began a ‘Smart Campus’ initiative, implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to enrich the game day experience. ASU utilized the new technologies to improve operational insights for facilities, create a unique suite experience for stakeholders, and enhance the game experience for fans. Its primary focuses were Smart Parking, a Smart Noise Meter, and a Smart Suite, all of which utilized an inter-networking of devices to collect and exchange data in new and meaningful ways."

Features of Live Parking Feeds

Traffic, unnecessary pollution, and frustration are reduced with CampusBird’s real-time parking information. Within seconds, users can view the interactive map and determine where they should head for parking. The parking lots in the map are color coded: green for low occupancy, yellow for filling up and red for full. The simplicity and value of this map feature will enhance parking efficiency for all users.

Not only does it give users lot occupancy information, but it also gives them detailed, numeric information on lot capacity and real-time availability. By clicking on select lots, CampusBird users will be given the hours and parking costs for the individual lot. They will also be given information regarding what types of payment (card, check, cash)  are accepted for each lot. Not only do live parking feeds benefit those trying to park, but it is also helpful for event-day and construction staff directing visitors to better parking.

There are countless other features that can be of great help on game-days and during other large events. Several CampusBird schools have chosen to highlight their campus accessibility information, including ADA compliant parking, routes and building entrances. Many schools also pinpoint locations of public restrooms, as well as dining, information booths, shopping locations, and more.

Game-Day and Campus Events with CampusBird

The real-time parking lot occupancy info is just one of the CampusBird features that greatly enhance game-day and event experiences. Given limited campus parking, many schools are eager to encourage the use of public transportation, biking, and walking. CampusBird also integrates real-time transit data, including Ride Systems’ Live Bus Tracker technology, that highlights bus and shuttle routes on the map, see real-time bus locations and estimated times of arrival. Riders love this feature as it helps them plan their day and save time.Stadium

The data integration capabilities of CampusBird are unique. Aside from real-time parking and live transit information, the platform also profiles ESRI feeds - which have proven very useful for campus facilities managers - event information from Localist, among others.  

Before Game-Day: CampusBird for Athletics

Game-day planning is complex and involves most if not all departments in some way. Interactive campus maps and virtual tours can be extremely helpful for supporting communications and highlighting the many different game-day event opportunities, from tailgating to parades, parking, concessions, and even viewing and purchasing seats.

Read more about how interactive maps support game-day marketing and wayfinding.

Congratulations to Arizona State University on having the Best Game-Day Technology!

Contact us today to learn more about how the CampusBird platform and data integration capabilities can improve your online campus and game-day experience.

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