Concept3D Launches Tour Builder

July 10, 2018 by Sam Slater


A New Platform for User-Created Immersive and VR Tours

Tour Builder Gives SMBs and Enterprise Companies the Power to Create New Leads and Awareness by Bringing Audiences Right to Their Location

The Concept3D team is proud to announce the launch of our new Tour Builder platform! Tour Builder allows anyone to create, manage and share their own VR-enabled virtual tours.

Using Tour Builder is dead simple, and the design taps into Concept3D’s experience of building the robust content management system (CMS) that powers the company’s interactive 3D maps and premium virtual tour system. The platform is used by a wide set of industries including data centers, hospitals, convention centers and event venues, higher education, large commercial sites, retirement communities and real estate, among others.

Hotel Covington - Enterprise 360° Tour 2

Tour Builder supports the use of both 360-degree panorama and standard images for tour stops. By using 360-degree images, tours are automatically set up for viewing in VR with the necessary hardware. Building tours is a simple process: create an account and use Tour Builder’s intuitive CMS to upload 360-degree panorama or standard images and assign a location by entering an address or dropping a pin on the accompanying map. Tour Builder then guides the user through the process of adding information, more images, video and audio tracks to tour stops. Once the tour is built and published, it can be easily edited and shared via link, and by integrating with Mapbox and OpenStreetMap, Tour Builder creates an in-window “minimap” for easy navigation and jumping between stops, and to highlight the specific geographic location.

“We call it immersive because Tour Builder brings audiences right into a highly visual experience; it’s like VR without the need for goggles,” said Concept3D CEO, Gordon Boyes. “The business applications of Tour Builder are endless, from employee training, hotels and resort marketing, to commercial real estate sales. Tour Builder makes it easier than ever to create exciting and engaging experiences that bring audiences to a location. Like everything we build at Concept3D, our customers control the content and we provide an eye-catching 3D encounter. Much of this same technology is embedded into our interactive maps, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, wayfinding, asset tracking, and space-planning solutions.”

Examples of Concept3D Tour Builder projects from Vantage Data Centers, Hotel Covington, a World Cup Tour, Denver’s Union Station, Texas A&M University, and INDUSTRY, a creative workspace, are available here:

Union Station - Foundation 360° Tour 2

Concept3D has launched Tour Builder with three tiers offering various levels of functionality and tour views: Starter (free), Foundation, and Enterprise. Examples of Tour Builder’s premium functionality include the ability to create unlimited tours, advanced tour embed options, audio narration, third-party data integrations, a built-in lead-generation system, full map platform integration and access to the Concept3D’s Client Success team.

Learn more about Tour Builder:

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  • Concept3D Tour Builder - Example Tours
  • Union Station - Foundation 360° Tour.png
  • Flexential - Enterprise 360° Tour.png
  • Union Station - Foundation 360° Tour 2.png
  • World Cup - Foundation 360° Tour.png
  • Industry Rhino Station - Starter 360° Tour.png
  • Hotel Covington - Enterprise 360° Tour.png
  • Flexential - Enterprise 360° Tour 2.png
  • Texas A&M University - Enterprise 360° Tour.png
  • Hotel Covington - Enterprise 360° Tour 2.png

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