CU Boulder Launches CampusBird Map and Tour Platform

October 2, 2017 by Sam Slater


From CampusBird Blog

concept3D is proud to announce that CU Boulder is the latest major university to launch on our CampusBird platform, designed for education institutions.

The CampusBird experience offers 3D, highly detailed interactive maps of both campus grounds and building interiors as well as the ability to highlight off-campus attractions and resources.

The system’s map layers can easily be modified and customized for communications and marketing needs of university admissions, athletics, facilities, alumni relations and other departments. The CampusBird platform is designed for way finding, marketing, and to support major campus events, among many other applications. The platform helps schools make information readily available and easy to navigate on desktop and mobile devices, including information about ADA accessibility, student inclusivity and diversity resources, transportation options and routes, game-day and move-in day needs, recreation, and eco-initiatives.

CampusBird also offers two virtual tour systems: VitalPath, a point-to-point system for walking and other map-based tours that comes standard with CampusBird, and Xplorer Virtual Tour, CampusBird’s latest system, an add-on that creates fun, fully immersive, VR-enabled tours using 360-degree video and images and also offering narration. Xplorer makes it fun and easy for prospective students to explore a campus in VR using a mobile setup, and also taps into the wayfinding capabilities of the CampusBird map.

“As a Colorado-based tech company - many concept3D team members are CU Boulder graduates - we’re very proud to have the University of Colorado Boulder join the CampusBird family,” said concept3D CEO, Gordon Boyes. “It will be exciting to see how CU Boulder uses CampusBird to highlight its campus, buildings and all that the Boulder area has to offer, and to see how students, parents, alumni and football fans will use the map during the current academic year and beyond.”

The CU Boulder CampusBird map includes virtual tours, a host of on-campus information and areas to explore, as well as off-campus outdoor recreation highlights from national parks to ski areas and hiking spots across the State of Colorado.

The University of Colorado Boulder enrolls over 32,000 students and the campus spans 600 acres at the base of Boulder’s iconic Flatirons. The University is a member of the Pac-12 Conference, and Folsom Field - home of the Colorado Buffaloes football team - is displayed on the CampusBird interactive map in stunning 3D detail, along with other well-known campus amenities including the famous Buffalo-shaped pool outside the student recreation center.

Explore CU Boulder’s new interactive campus map at


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