Getting Scary - Promote and Support Your Haunted House or Autumn Farm Business with Interactive Maps & Virtual Tours

October 25, 2018 by Sam Slater


October is full of pumpkins, candy, falling leaves, costumes, and (of course) haunted houses.

Haunted attractions are a $300 million industry, and there are more haunted houses than Target stores in the United States. Add Pumpkin Farms and corn mazes to the mix, and you’ve got a big industry with a limited window for doing business.

Haunted houses are getting even scarier and more interactive. It’s not just cobwebs and someone with a chainsaw, in some haunted houses visitors expect to eat unknown things and can even be touched by the characters. With the popularity on the rise and so many options for haunted houses, an interactive map can help your attraction really stand out and bring more people in.

Likewise, corn mazes and farms for pumpkin and apple picking are getting bigger and more complex, and making it easy for people to explore the location before they arrive, and then find the location and see where they want to go - “Where are the Honeycrips?” can make your location much more interesting.


Customer Attraction

Show off what makes your haunted house unique - is the space multiple floors, do you have a special design, how long is your experience? With an interactive map and virtual tour, you can showcase these different features without losing the element of surprise with indoor mapping or 3D renderings.  

While part of the fun of a haunted house is the unknown, there are some weary visitors that may be comforted knowing the general outline and emergency exits in the space. Or there are accessibility features

An interactive map can be as detailed or as vague as desired, so you don’t give everything away to your visitors. Because there are thousands of haunted houses in the United States, having an interactive map will help your attraction stand out among the many other scary sites.


Parking & Wait Times

During the fall season, haunted houses and farms can get very busy. With an interactive map, you can have a real-time parking feed where visitors can see not only where to park, but how full the parking lot is. You also can have a live-data feed with information on the line for the haunted house or farm attractions. It can show the approximate wait time along with information about how many visitors are in line before you.


Virtual Tours

Give people a   experience with a 360 interactive tour. Without giving away all that the haunted house or farm have to offer, you can pique their interest and leave them ready to come visit.

People love to be scared. Make their experience at your haunted house easy and safe with a Concept3D interactive map.

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