Happy Holidays! A Year in Review at Concept3D

December 21, 2018 by Sam Slater


2018 has been the biggest year yet at Concept3D! We added clients that have challenged the way we think of our platform. Some of the things that happened this year are:

We launched our freemium service Tour Builder!
We rebranded our company, and brought CampusBird under Concept3D wing.
We moved new offices as well as added a new fun work perk at Concept3D!

Tour Builder
winterUnion Station
In May,  we launched a virtual tour platform built by our in-house development team. It gives anyone the ability, regardless of knowledge of VR or coding, the chance to create their own virtual tour. Through the easy to use content management system (CMS), the user can upload 360° panorama images to give an in-depth look of their tour. After completing your tour, feel free to publish then share the tour with anyone you like. Try it out today for free!

Company Rebrand
 Instead of having a name for each of our services we put everything underneath the one name, Concept3D. With renaming our services we changed our colors, and created a brand logo that defines truly who we are. 

What happened to CampusBird? Our higher education clients and partners previously knew us as “CampusBird.”  As we grew as a company, the platform grew to accommodate our all clients' needs. To include everyone on the growth of our products, we brought everything our higher education partners loved about CampusBird and integrated it all together in the Concept3D platform. Having one platform made our product easier to explain and now we can offer more feature and solutions to everyone.

 New Front End
As explained previously,  we had many names for our services one of them being Atlas3D. Atlas3D is the first version of our maps, currently we have a 2.0 version that is easy to convert to and makes your interactive map look even better!  Contact us today to switch your map to 2.0!

Other News
The Colorado team moved offices…....down the street. The office is still located in Denver, just slightly north at 3855 Walnut street at the Industry RINO station building. You can find them playing ping-pong, enjoying kombucha, or playing Catch Phrase.

Adventures of Concept3D

Concept3D instituted a new perk of our company that encourages employee's to go on vacation. We give each employee a travel stipend to pay for a flight, hotel, or even a extravagant excursion. We want our workers to not only feel valued, but known that you should go on vacation to not overwork yourself. Check out where Concept3D employees have gone with their travel perk!

Happy Holidays! We are excited to see what 2019 has to offer us!

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