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March 16, 2016 by Sam Slater


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Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, University of California, Irvine, ASU, OHSU among Top 25

Today, March 16, US News & World Report released its 2017 Best Graduate Schools.

The 2017 US News announcement includes updated rankings of business, education, engineering, law, medical and nursing programs. And, for the first time ever, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), programs are ranked with master’s programs in nursing.

In a February 29, 2016 article, Robert Morse, who has held the role of US News & World Report’s chief data scientist since 1976, wrote:

“The Best Graduate Schools rankings should be a supplement for careful decision-making, not a substitute. Other factors to consider include a school’s course offerings and a department culture, a student’s total cost to obtain the degree, the advising or mentoring a student can expect to receive, and the school’s location and campus life.

Course offerings, cost to obtain a degree, etc. are generally easy to find online or request.

But, (particularly for out-of-state or international students), getting a feel for the school’s location and campus life is more difficult yet hugely important.

The challenge is to draw in students and give them a powerful feel for the campus, student life, and all that your institution has to offer.

If you’re a director of admissions, how can you create interest that will entice students to shortlist your school for an in-person visit?

“When it comes down to it, the CampusBird platform is a marketing tool. It’s a way for us to connect with our audiences and constituencies when they’re not here on our campus.”  

- Andrew Meyers, Assistant Director of Admissions, Hope College

Below are examples of how a few schools on the 2017 US News & World Report Best Graduate Schools rankings are using CampusBird’s interactive platform to highlight their school’s location and campus life to draw in students.

The CampusBird interactive mapping platform allows you to highlight the unique value and experience that your institution provides students with an attractive 3D map overlay backed by powerful software to make adding media - such as study abroad programs across the world to virtual campus history tours featuring 360 degree panoramas, to video, wayfinding maps for parents and visitors, and special event and construction overlays, to name just a few. CampusBird is an easily scalable solution that works for universities, colleges and institutions of any size.

CampusBird Profile: Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University - Top 10 Best Business Schools

TuckTuck has done a fantastic job of using the CampusBird platform to highlight the school’s exciting programs, global reach, local attractions in the town of Hanover and surrounding areas, as well as the facilities and beauty of the Tuck campus itself.

Profiling a Global Program and Community

Students who spend even a few minutes on Tuck’s CampusBird map can experience the First-Year Project (FYP), a required course that offers all first-year MBA students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to complex business challenges for real clients, or to their own entrepreneurial venture. The interactive FYP map takes you across the globe to drop in on recent Tuck student projects in Nepal, Ethiopia, Germany, Palestine, Brazil, Armenia, Haiti, and Egypt, among other locations.


The Tuck map also features the school’s OnSite Global Consulting, a second-year MBA elective course offering professional-quality global consulting services to a host of worldwide clients. “Consumer-facing digital strategy for a regional financial institution” in Brisbane, Australia? Sign me up! Visitors can also check out Alumni clubs, Global Insight Expeditions and Tuck Admissions events worldwide.

Locations of Interest: On- and Off-Campus

One click and you’re flying back from Brisbane to Tuck’s beautiful campus in Hanover, New Hampshire, where you can visit campus buildings and zoom out to see the many opportunities Tuck students have for skiing, boating, hiking (perhaps along the local segment of the Appalachian Trail), and other activities that add to the appeal of submitting an application to Tuck.

The map also highlights local restaurants, hotels and other locations of interest (cup of coffee at Dirt Cowboy Cafe?), and displays ADA accessible entrances to each building on the Tuck campus.

CampusBird Profile: Carnegie Mellon University: Top 10 Best Engineering Schools; Top 20 Best Business Schools

Cutting-edge research institutions require cutting-edge maps and media, and Carnegie Mellon University features the CampusBird platform on its Visit page to entice prospective students to find and contact the undergraduate admissions office, explore the campus with virtual tours, and more.

Residence Hall Tours

Answering a typical question from students, “Where can I live on or near campus?”, Carnegie Mellon uses CampusBird to develop a 26-stop virtual Residence Hall Tour that allows students to see locations and images of all of its residence halls. Living in Morewood Gardens, once a gracious apartment complex for wealthy Pittsburghers, looks and sounds pretty good!

Construction Plans

To highlight some upcoming projects that will enhance campus life and improve the facilities for some of its research programs, Carnegie has also added an interactive construction areas plans selection to the map.

Students, parents, alumni and donors can click through to see the locations and descriptions of the plans for the Future Home of the Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott Hall, a 100,000 SF building that will house wet and dry laboratories, collaborative and office spaces and a cafe. Additionally, the construction plans highlight a  62,000 square foot addition to the school’s Cohon University Center which will include fitness space, two exercise studios, a cycling studio, and a pool spectator balcony, among other features.

Congratulations to the many CampusBird schools on the US News 2017 Best Graduate Schools!  

Click here to learn how CampusBird’s interactive mapping platform can create new interest in your school by helping you highlight the unique value of your student life, campus and programs.




Medicine - Primary Care

“For us, the [CampusBird] map serves a really wide range of people. We’re a school, a hospital and a research institution so we have patients coming to campus, we have students new and existing, we have faculty, and we have visitors. So the map needs to serve all of those people. In addition we have hundreds of new employees who show up each month, and because we have such a complicated campus we need to be able to orient them so they feel comfortable at their new place of employment and so that they are also prepared to help patients, visitors and students get to their destinations as easily as possible.”

- Christina Elmore, Web Development & Engineering Manager, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)

Medicine - Research



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