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May 22, 2018 by Sam Slater


If you’ve visited the Concept3D website before or any of our social media channels, you probably notice something is different. If you’re new, welcome and thanks for visiting!


We’ve completed a rebrand with a new logo and website, and are proud to see it all come together. Our goal is to better represent what we do for our clients, and make it easier to understand the value and potential of the Concept3D platform for a variety of industries, from convention centers and other event venues to hospitals, data centers, industrial sites, and - true to our roots where we started - higher education.

One big difference is that the name “CampusBird” is going away and will be absorbed into the broader Concept3D platform. Our education clients can expect the same level of great customer service and technology. In fact, now that there’s just one platform - Concept3D - all of our clients have access to technology we’ve developed, from the interactive, 3D map to VR-enabled virtual tours, expert 3D modeling services, data visualization, and easy data integration from a host of services including real-time parking and transit, events, ESRI, and many others.

The new Concept3D website segments into two primary areas, which reflects the two broad ways that our clients use the Concept3D platform:

  1. Share Your Place - profiling one or more physical locations online and making it easy for audiences to explore, find information and get around. This is perfect for universities, hospitals and healthcare centers, convention centers and event venues, retirement communities, universities and schools, resorts and hotels, real estate, and many others.
  2. Support Your Business - More and more of our clients are using the Concept3D platform for internal company and enterprise needs, from corporate training to data visualization and asset tracking, among others. Industrial sites, data centers, retail locations, human resources, facilities managers, and other purposes are ideally suited to benefit from the Concept3D platform.

We’d love to hear your feedback and if you’d like to hear more about our platform, contact us through the form below!

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